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Motorola Solutions Channel Partner FirstcommFirst Communications has been providing two way radio and wireless communications solutions in the Panhandle of Florida and Southern Georgia for over 44 years. We are a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner and are authorized to sell and service Motorola two way radios and wireless data products. First Communications offers top-quality Motorola portable mobile two-way radios & pagers for Commercial, Industrial, Public Safety and other Local, State and Federal Government agencies.

From mobiles and hand held radios to base stations and repeaters. From System installation/integration to radio repair, there is simply no match forMotorola's quality and dependability as the dominant force in the wireless industry. Motorola is always on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

First Communications - Top Wireless Solutions

MOTOTRBO digital two way radio systems Motorola's wireless products GPS fleet tracking FCC has mandated

First Communications owns and operates MOTOTRBO digital two way radio systems in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia.

Motorola's wireless products are built to help your business achieve high speed connectivity in a mobile world.

Use digital GPS fleet tracking to see where your vehicles are every minute. Get instant alerts on your PC or phone.

The FCC Narrowbanding Mandate is finally here. Licensees who have not completed their narrowband migration click below

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